N factory replica Rolex yacht jelly beans fake watch, absolutely eye-catching!

The Colorful jelly beans are believed to have been seen and eaten by many people, but have you seen the “sugar beans” inlaid on the watch? This watch brought to you today is the first European high-end color diamond ring product of the N factory. It is the N factory European custom version 2017 Swiss Basel Watch Fair new “Jelly bean” circle Rolex yacht, Model 116695SATS, which is the most exquisite colored diamond diving watch in history.

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This is the first time that Rolex’s classic nautical watch has been unveiled with a set of jewels. This creative approach has caused quite a stir at the Basel exhibition. The custom-grade Tutti Frutti style five-color diamond, which is almost identical to the original one, is hand-inlaid independently. The triangular diamond adopts the bright cutting method, which is the closest to the genuine cutting method. It directly attracts some of the true love powder.

As beautiful as a jewel, as bright as a rainbow, it is said that the “jelly beans” circle Rolex yacht, Model 116695SATS. The bright dial, when you see this watch, the strong color impact will definitely attract you. The colored gems and garnets in the outer ring of the case are sparkling, and a white triangle-cut diamond is set at 12 o’clock. It is even more dazzling and unique.

As we all know, the diamonds and gemstones used in Rolex are the highest level. When selecting, they must pass strict standards. This is made up of colored bezels composed of gemstones with different colors and regular rules. It is like a rainbow, with a glossy surface. Black dial, very beautiful. At the same time, the outer ring of the two-way rotating scale reflects the indissoluble bond between Rolex and the maritime industry since the 1950s.

Speaking of the biggest highlight of this jelly bean is its outer ring, this can be said to be directly on the outer ring of the Rolex Golden Yacht, diamonds, of course, N factory must only use rhinestones instead of gems, after all, the cost is also a  problem, many replica watch fans will be very concerned about a problem that whether the color and luster of the crystal will be very different? However, the rhinestones used in the N factory are all done with the quality closest to the diamond! The color is very good, the brightness and color are good. The naked eye can’t tell how to distinguish!

Let us see the case:

The middle case is made of a solid 18ct eternal rose gold. It has a Rolex patent for long-lasting color retention. The triangular pit bottom cover is tightly screwed into the middle case to completely seal the case. Well-deserved proportions are perfect and elegant

The winding crown consisting of nearly ten parts is Rolex’s first waterproof crown. The winding crown of this watch has a triple-locked triple waterproof system, which is firmly rotated in the case, and the waterproof performance can directly match the hatch of the submarine. Moreover, the crown is also protected by the crown shoulder, and the crown shoulder integrated with the middle case is waterproof and adds a layer of protection, which perfectly explains the attitude of the Rolex people.

The crystal is made of anti-scratch blue crystal, and a small window convex lens made of blue crystal is added at 3 o’clock. The double anti-reflective coating small window convex lens not only ensures the clearness when reading the date, but also the distinctive logo of Rolex is easy to identify even from a distance.

This “jelly bean” yacht fake watch is equipped with the super 3135 automatic mechanical movement of the N factory.

This strap is different from other rubber straps. It is equipped with Rolex’s patented Oysterflex strap. The subtlety is that the outer layer is coated with high-performance black rubber and the inner one is super Elastic sheet metal for durability, maintains the shape of the strap, and the rubber strap also gives the wearer a comfortable feel.


style: Oyster case (the original case metal cast case, screw-in bottom cover and winding crown)

Diameter: 40mm

Material: 18ct eternal rose gold, polished

Outer ring: Pavement 32 sapphires, 8 green garnets and 1 diamond

Bottom cover: screw-in Rolex triangle pit pattern

Winding crown: screw-in, three-lock triple waterproof system

Crown shoulder: integrated with the middle case

Glass: anti-scratch blue crystal double anti-reflective small window convex lens enlargement calendar

Waterproof: 10 ATM (330 foots)

Rolex is constantly innovating in its development. In the persistence of tradition, it also strives for innovation. The “jelly bean circle” can be changed in shape while ensuring the high precision and durability of Rolex. It is also a kind of “legend”. High-quality items will be more luminous in the passage of time.

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