Replica Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Fake Watch

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The replica tourbillon fake watch is simple and generous, not only the visual is refreshing and bright, and after several more than 10 years of time, even if the watch has been idle, you still will not regret the original choice. The design of the tourbillon watch is such a classic, perhaps not outstanding, but it is not ordinary. In the original authentic, an ordinary tourbillon is hundreds of thousands or even millions, so that many watchers can’t afford it. Today we bring you the tourbillon replica produced by TF—— TF Vacheron Constantin series Real Tourbillon watch. (model number: 89000/00P-9843), Let’s take a look at the Vacheron Constantin created by this true tourbillon movement.

TF factory Vacheron Constantin 89000/00P-9843 tourbillon fake watch’s case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42mm, the thickness of 12.2mm, and inlaid with transparent sapphire crystal case back, with 30 meters waterproof.

The original version of this fake watch, adhering to the original Vacheron Constantin unique design features: the wrist watch is equipped with a series of classic circle, scale and prominent peculiarity; silver ivory dial with sharp sword hands, is very contained traditional charm. The 6 o’clock position is the tourbillon and the small seconds hand, and the hour hand and the minute hand are slightly eccentric.

The 12 o’clock position kinetic energy reserve is easy to read. The display is located on the silver milky dial 12 o’clock position. The design of the outer circle minuter scale is inspired by the classic picket fake watches of various brands.

The troubillon movement and the small second hand of the toturbillon frame are displayed on the dial at 6 o’clock, combining the beauty of the design with the innovative materials.


The middle of the dial, the Malta Tourbillon has become the hallmark of the Vacheron Constantin watch. Of course, the TF factory is also a replica of the original design. The tourbillon frame is inspired by the Maltese cross and shows the superb grinding process of fine parts, including a large number of polished interior angles and bevel. The dynamics of the tourbillon from the dial are very exquisite!

The side of the replica watch or the side of the case is highly polishing treatment with the original. The large Vacheron Constantin brand logo on the crown, which is very flavorful.

The bottom cover is made of the original splint, and the original logo and the splint bearing gemstone are re-enacted, which highlights the factory craft as well as the original duplicate sign. Manual tourbillon movements are more flavorful than automatic machines.

To sum up: This TF factory Vacheron Constantin 89000/00P-9843 true tourbillon fake watch. The design is exquisite and chic,  the workmanship is meticulous, exudes a quite and elegant temperament, and the ultimate beauty of the master handwriting. It is a perfect real toubillon replica watch.

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