The replica Roger Dubuis fake watch——Knight of the Round Table, Do you know the value and charm of it?

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The Knight of the Round Table are a group of the excellent knight led by the legendary British King Arthur. According to the legend, the Guinevere’ father has a huge round table for his knight to gather. When he married the queen, Arthur got this huge round table from him.

The meaning of the round table is “equality” and “unity”. It is said that the knights of King Arthur had reached 150 at most. The knights rushed on the battlefield and talked about domestic affairs at the round table. Although they will from factions because of the political consensus or disagreement, there is no difference in status and distinction between monarch and minister on the round table. Everyone is allowed to speak freely. But in fact, the round table is not completely equal. Percivale, the knight went to find the Holy Grail, first sat down with a lower-ranking knight and was later taken to the seat of the “dangerous seat”, which later gave the purest knight of Lancelot. The special son of the Galahad, he finally found the Holy Grail.

Thomas Malory, an Britain writer in the 15th century, described the knight’s regulations as following:

One: Never furious and murder

Two: Never betray

Three: Never cruel, give forgiveness to those who ask for forgiveness

Four: Always give woman assistance

Five: Never coercion woman

Six: Never fight for love and the benefit of words

In 2013, Rogedupe  launched 18 rose gold round table knight’s replica watch, this time Rogedupe with bronze round table knight and Moyu plate surface annotation to interpret the legend of the world. 88 global limited edition, is the finest among the top watches.

The most striking part of this replica watch is the twelve gold-built sword knights, which are sets as time scales on the dial, recreating the scene  of the Round Table Knights are holding a round-table meetings. Each knight statue is first to use gold casting, and then carved by the master for the characteristics of each person, which creates these amazing and lifelike portraits of the knights.

Therefore, to make this Roger Dubuis Knights replica watch, we must keep improving. Let’s talk about the details of the Roger Dubuis Round Table Knight fake watch, how about the quality of the replica watch?


All the lines are integrated, fully reflecting its three-dimensional. The dial is made of enamel and the whole dial is perfect. Each scale has the name of the corresponding knight and is written in ancient Roman fonts. Sapphire crystal glass, Air double-layer colorless coating, making the glass more transparent and more refined.

The watch’s crown is designed with a classic threaded crown for easy to adjust the time. There are two lugs on both sides of the crown, which protect the lugs firmly and ensure that the lugs of the watch are not damaged. The classic logo of the Roger Dubuis is engraved on the crown.

316 stainless steel case, all details are processed by CNC.

The round table knight’s vows are engraved around a lacquered badge on the bottom of the case, meaning that around this round table, the bravest knights will be come together and have a equal status. They will begin their adventures, pursue justice, shelter the weak, and turn the pride into humility. The movement is the miyota automatic mechanical movement, and time is stable.  The design and the lettering of the bottom are very attentive.

Roger Dubuis  The King series——Knight of the Round Table——ZZ factory

As the button, use the original version to open the mold, the first double-press folding buckle with the same authenticity.


The strap is made of black Italian cowhide, noble crocodile pattern, and the headband of the strap and case is made of resin head, which enhances the service life of the strap! The buckle is Roger Dubuis original single and double botton butterfly buckle, are high-grade replica watch accessories!

The case is polished and the lettering, the edge and the chamfer are perfectly treated.

Let us appreciate the more details.

The hands are not that simple! Stainless steel polished hands, no copper embryo hands, because the polished steel hands are no need to be electroplated after processing, the process is difficult and the cost is high. But the three-dimensional effect is excellent, and the polished cut surface is smoother. The gold hands are polished and then plated with 18K gold, It is very delicate! I feel that this is a craft. You deserve to have this fake watch.

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