Replica watch industry, detailed explanation the fake watch

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The origin of the replica watch

There is always occur the word “replica” in life, so why is there is replica watch?

In fact, this should be a process from scratch, everything is due to the Swiss brand watch Rolex. In the early days, Rolex was popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It was also a matter of reform and opening up. People in these areas thought of doing some fake work, and then began to copy the shell according to the shackles.

To be honest, these replica watches were not well copied in the early years. The quartz movement was installed in the alloy shell, but after all, it has this shape. The people who have seen the young and dangerous have very clear the story. That is, the pheasant’s Rolex was clapped by others and the result is the hands are all flew out. This is a true portrayal of that era. The result is that because of the popularity of Rolex in Hong Kong and Taiwan, many factories in the mainland have begun to imitate the shape of the watch to produce watches. At the beginning, they have been imitating shape production, and many large watch factories have done this kind of things. Because the recognition of this shape is too high. High recognition means sales, so the replica watch is popular.

After that, a number of watch processing factories appeared in the southeast coastal areas, and there were many non-domestic funds. These fake watch processing factories are mostly opened for Hong Kong and Taiwanese businessman, targeting the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. Later the mainland market also blended. (it become the current replica watch slowly). Besides, in order to cope with the baptism of the socialist market economy and keep a living, there are many domestic manufacturers are begin to mix these businesses.

Therefore, with the prosperity of the imitation watch industry, the domestic production technology and concept also have a certain gap with foreign countries. At the same time, the imitation industry can promote the growth of GDP, so the state has not suppressed it very seriously, just occasionally.

The progress of the replica watch

China’s watchmaking started quiet early in Asia! It can be said that Japan is behind us. The mechanical movement made in Japan in the 50 and 60 generation is not as accurate as the one in china. Moreover, China has also realized the mass production of replica watches and the independent design of the movement. The mechanical chronograph movement designed in China in the past is now used by seagulls, and there is no problem of slowing down when timing. Such the ETA7750, it can be said to be beyond the Japanese so much.

Many factories in our country have gained a lot of experience in the watchmaking for many years.

At the beginning, many watchmaking factories in China are low-tech, expect that the state-owned large watch factory fas its own complete production line,and the others are installed the shell and the movement if they get these parts. Later, slowly transferred to the big machine, all kinds of technology was slowly absorbed by us, so these valuable watch processing, repair, and even the design of the shape and movement have been acquired by us, thus cultivating a large number of technical talent.

Japan exports a large number of movement to China! The cheap and precise quartz movement is the main force, and there are many mechanical movement. Quartz movement is cheap and accurate, and has won the people’s favor. The mechanical movement is much more automatic. Compared to the European movement, the Japan movement is cheap and easy to install and maintain.

The domestic imitation movement

At the beginning, the main counterfeit direction was the citizen and seiko movement, and the quartz machinery was imitation. Their movement came to China, and Chinese looked at their own movement and looked the Japan movement, so they threw away their movement. As the Japan movement, we need to “Take the essence and discard the dross”, so the great reverse engineering began. The pearl movement, which is a notorious fake watch heart in the world, imitation from Citizen 8200, Seagull ST16. 8200 is a good thing, designed and mass-produced in the 1970s, so the current seagull movement is still quite good, like many replica manufacturers are using the seagull movement.

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