About the replica Panerai fake watch, how much do you know?

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Founded in 1860, Panerai was the first to produce precision instruments and watches for the Italian Navy. There is a sentence: the world’s worst navy matched the best diving watch. That;s right, Panerai is the replica watch that is designed for the navy. Let’s take a look at which style of Panerai is worth buying?

Panerai 111

Many freshman will ask which Panerai is worth buying, I believe many merchants will recommend 111. 111 is one of the necessary styles. Made of tianjin 6497 movement, 44mm Sandwich dial, Exaggerated bridge, torpedo second hand,  transparent on the back, these are all 111 design elements. Many friends who bought 111 want to change the strap, agter all, the original belt is really speechless. The strap size of the 111 is 24mm, and the friend who want to change can write down the size.

111 had many versions. Then let’s talk about the comparious between the KW and N factory. The N factory is win in the details. As the coating, the KW factory is made close to the original, but others can’t surpass the N factory. The two version, the strap’s color of N factory’s is darker,and the back movement is darker in English.

Panerai 005

I believe that friends who have seen 111 can understand the status of 005. 005, dense design, 44mm dial, 6497 movement, the strap’s size is the same as the 111. This version’s status is the same as the 111, it is also of the artifacts of the N factory.

Panerai 127Pam

127 was born in 2002, with a limited edition of 1950 pieces. it has been the replica watch that many panerai fans want to have. It is Luminor’s first 47mm fake watch, the first Luminor 1950 case, bubble glass sapphire, sandwich dial, have gap and stamp. The original 127 is hard to find. At present, there are only ZF on the market, and there are some people will mix the parts of the N and ZF, so pay attention to distinguish.

Wearing on the right hand 217, the 217 is the right version of the 127. Please refer to 127 for data, it is from ZF factory.

Panerai 448

Under the confrontation between NEW and ZF, 448 has also become a member of the entry section. P3000 movement , California dial, Acrylic glass, blue hands, 47mm dial, 80 hours of power is the design of the 448. The back details of the ZF is better than NEW, but the surface treatment is indeed better.




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