How many top replica manufacturers do you know? Don’t just know the N factory

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There are a lot of replica manufacturers. At present, there are too many factories that make top-level imitations. We only pick a few small factory workshops are not worth mentioning, just like the appearance, the details and quality are too much difference. Today , We will talk about the masterpieces and the profiles of the major replica watch factory.

Now let us talk about the N factory. N factory, is also called  noob factory, and it is called N-marker or Mr.Creme De La Creme in the abroad.  N factory is the one of the oldest imitation watch factories with more than ten years history. The N factory start from Rolex, and its products are best-seller. What I want to say is the marketing of the N factory is really bullish, and do all kinds of soft propaganda. Of course, the work of the N factory is not blown. The quality is excellent and the polished of some details will be much finer. It will not make people feel rough when they get the watch. At present, they mainly make export orders. At present, the signboard of the N factory is AP15710 (15703 transparent on the back), Rolex Submariner, Blancpain fifty fathoms, etc.

HBB V6 factory, is also called HBB factory, V6 factory, belongs to the younger generation, appeared in 2011. As for why it is called HBB V6, there are too many sayings. Some people say that they are six partners, and some people say they are the sixth replica factory for Hublot Big Bang series. Others say that the sixth version of Hublot Big Bang is theirs. There are also rumors that HBB V6 is a subsidiary of the N factory, why?

The craft of watchmaking can be done in a short time, it takes time to accumulate and continuous improvement. Whether it is a subsidiary or not, the V6 factory must have a big cooperation factory. Now the V6’s signature is Cartier Ballon Bleu, the Hublot Big Bang series, and it is unmatched in the industry. Please note that although there are 4 duplicate brands in the N factory, but there is no duplicate watch style. That is say that The HBB factory can’t make the same as the watch made by N factory.  Among so many manufacturers, it can be said that only the pace of HBB and the N factory are too consistent, there is no interest conflict, which is to say that the HBB is the subsidiary of the N factory.

BP factory

The BP factory was named by the IWC Big Pilot. It has been a long time. It has more than 1000 styles, mainly Rolex, Omega, IWC.  Its IWC Big Pilot series is very popular in the past. It is still a long-lasting model. In the last one or two years, it has made the Omega Ocean Universe 42mm and Rolex’s Submariner, ghost kings, exporters are still famous, and the simulation is quite high. In the European and American markets, many foreigners will choose the Submariner of the BP factory, but I still feels the noob version is higher than the BP factory’s process.

ZF factory

The overall impression that this factory gave me is that there are not many styles. but each one is very sincere and very classic. Every product makes me feel full of sincerity, and I am very trust and appreciated the fake watches that ZF produces.

KW factory

It is also called the” foreign factory”, because the boss was a fake watch seller from Turkey. He has a special liking for Panerai, he also began to research himself and developed pam359, pam386, pam441, pam375 while selling fake watches. In general, pam359 and pam375 sells well, the quality is the best in the same model, because the N factory has not done these styles. Recently, KW factory and a large factory launched Panerai’s Super Red, and launched the new pam359, pam441, pam386, pam312. The workmanship can be said that it is reached the level of the big factory, even if the lettering on the movement is slightly embarrassing, but the simulation of the literal and the entire watch does have a very big improvement. KW factory has launched a variety of Panerai all-ceramic shell fake watches, allowing players to bid farewell the steel-shell imitation ceramic PVD coating, KW factory also developed PAM00616.

TF factory

The name of the TF factory is from the first letter of “Tuofei”, and it is also a member of the top watch factory. It is a factory dedicated to the tourbillon. It is mostly used for the tourbillon movement of the seagull. It works well. Non-tourbillon are also made, like the Cartier tank men’s replica watch, Audemars Piguet AP 15400 with 3120 movement, these style are also top level.

To sum up: These are the goods of the big factory that everyone is familiar with. In addition, the work of these factories has their own merits, and the styles they make are different.

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