The most expensive replica watch,Roger Dubuis double flying tourbillon, which is the biggest breakthrough in history. The masterpiece of the JB factory.

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Let us take a look at the authentic parameters——,Roger Dubuis HOMMAGE RDDBH00562

The authentic price is more than 2.3 million, this large sum of money can buy a Mercedes-Benz.

Until the eve of the 15th of January, the replica watchmakers independently open the model and tested successful of this Roger Dubuis.

JB factory true double tourbillon

Roger Dubuis HOMMAGE RDDBHO0562 double tourbillon top watch was born, with two tourbillon for stable operation.

This is another historical moment in the watch industry. Each movement has to undergo dozens of analog QE tests and hundreds of debugging. The manual winding of the RD 100 tourbillon has been steadily qualified, and it can be wound up to 80 times in a static situation.

The bezel is plated with18K platinum gold, diameter 45mm, two tourbillon rotate at a constant speed, elegant and moving, satisfying your sense, impacting other’s eyes, and maximally overcoming the gravitational obstacles, and the timing is accurate incomparable.

Positive and negative sapphire crystal glass, comes with American real crocodile skin, original GD folding buckle, the back is the signature of the Roger Dubuis.


The peak of the work, unique, and it is worth collecting by the watch lovers.

Let’s take a look at the history of Roger Dubuis

“What you see is just a movement, but what I see is all my life, I was fortunate enough to devote my life to a career”.

—— Roger Dubuis

The Roger Dubuis brand is unswervingly pursing avant-grade, breakthrough and elegance, and is a well-deserved master in the field of fine watchmaking. It’s innovation stems from a sincere respect for watchmaking traditions and watchmaking craftsmanship. Roger Dubuis‘s development is a young but steady example of Switzerland’s long watchmaking industry. In 1995, the company was founded by watchmaker Roger Dubuis and designer Carlos Dias. The Roger Dubuis watch strikes a perfect balance between traditional watchmaking and avant-grade design, and is rapidly emerging in the watchmaking world. Since the beginning of 2012, the brand has met with the world with a new look, and the team of the watch factory is proud of it. Roger Dubuis is not only a creative concept timepiece factory, but also the only watch factory with 100% engraved Geneva stamps to guarantee the superior quality of each of the Roger Dubuis’ watches. Roger Dubuis strictly adheres to the long tradition of fine watchmaking, All parts of the 31 movements developed by the watch factory are hand-decorated and processed by brand watchmakers.

The only brand in the world with all the timepieces engraved with the Geneva Seal.

Let us take a look at this replica watch (in Dubai)

Under the sailing hotel, I think this watch is more precious.

No matter where this watch is, it is so eye-catching.

in the desert


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