Feel the charm of VS factory replica Panerai 382 fake watch with bronze oxidation

When it comes to the bronze, the history of using bronze in China is much longer. People used bronze in the period of 4500 to 4000 years ago. The most famous ones are the warring states bronze plate, the bronze human face fang ding, and the Four-ram Zun. Many people with retro feeling will become soft when they see this material and color. The ancient Chinese bronzes are an important symbol of human history and civilization. What we bring to you today is the VS factory replica Panerai 382 fake watch with a strong retro style. Because the case is made of bronze material, it will change with the wearer’s usual living environment and the daily habits, which will produce different oxidation effects. The longer you wore this watch, the more precipitated the bronze case is.

I believe that everyony has seen a lot of bronze watches. The most popular in the last two years should be the bronze watch of the Tudor Kaifeng Biwan. It is found that no matter how many brands have bronze watches, the Panerai Copper Watch 382 will always have some extraordinary appeal.

The film, Stallone sent a Bronze Panerai to each member of the “Expendables” in order to thank them for their performance. It is said that the world is limited to 1000 pieces, and now this Panerai on the market has been fired to “high price”.

Stallone is a watch enthusiast, especially the Panerai. He has wore it in many films and even took him to the poster of the film, not only because he is the spokesperson of Panerai, but also shows his love for this brand. In fact, it’s not just Stallone, there are many superstars who have a special liking for Panerai, like Jackie Chan, Will Smith, etc. This may be more impressed by the history and the craftsmanship and unique design of the Panerai.

” this is a tribute to the hero”, Stallone used the film “The Expendables” to tell the advertising words for Panerai, ” if you can’t own a SUV, at least you can have a Panerai”. In the film, the watch he wore was PAM 00382. The Bronze material is matched with a brown strap, which is deep and generous. The dial is dark green, giving a sense of solemenity and matching the Stallone’s image in the movie.

There are domestic factories are trying to make this watch. Let us appreciate the 382 which is produced by VS factory. To evaluate objectively: the VS factory can be said to be the best factory in producing the Panerai. The oxidation effect of Panerai 382 bronze produced by them is consistent with the original. The biggest selling point of the Pam382 is it can oxidize and rust. In the hearts of the watchmakers, it is : we are not afraid you rust, we fear you will not rust.

Exquisite workmanship, bronze material is the same as the original. It will have different oxidation with the change of the time, temperature and the humidity.

VS Panerai PAM382

size: 47mm

function: display the hour, minute second and the date

movement: replica P.9000  automatic movement

glass: sapphire glass

dial: green dial, luminous scales

material: bronze case, titanium alloy back case and buckle

water resistance: 10ATM

The VS Panerai 382 has a dark green dial with a large dot hour mark and a wide hand. The 9 o’clock position is a small seconds disc and the 3 o’clock position is a calendar window. Even more tempting is that this watch has a very good luminous function.

VS Panerai 382 crystal and bottom cover with sap[hire, the glass is the sapphire glass, the thickness is 4mm, using the coating process, is a faint coating, reducing the phenomenon of the reflection, even the reflective can also see the dial reading. This is much better than the glass that can be mirrored like 312. 359, 441.

The feeling of the whole replica watch  is the generous, the diameter of the 47mm is really not the average person can handle. The classic Luminor 1950 case, the bridge outside the crown is a major of the Panerai, which also makes the watch look bigger. The dial is large and the diameter is large, which is also the standard for the tough guy!

The outer ring is finely processed and the mouth is polished in place. The charm of 382 is that the longer your wear it, the more you can embody the sense of the age. In the absence of any auxiliary normal wear, it will reach the perfect state in half a year, similar to the patina effect of antique bracelets.

VS replica Panerai 382 fake watch hands introduce a new and more powerful new design to replace the classic Arabic numerals and traditional time and minute hands styles. The dark green matte texture of the dial, hands and scales are treated with copper, echoing with the bronze case.  Scale and luminous fill full, the overall scale is very stereo, calendar font is very exquisite. The hands is polished without burrs and rich in texture.

The entire bezel is made of a bronze shell, which has an old effect. The guardian’s lugs are finely polished, and the side of the bridge is engraved with perfect depth.

Pulling the switch on the bridge can make time adjustment, very convenient and practical, and the sealed bridge crown design greatly improves the waterproof effect. It is an uncompromising diving watch.

VS Panerai 382, the back movement uses the engraved P.9000, which corrects the wheel pendulum and perfectly restores all the original details. It is worth noting that the bottom cover is not a bronze material but a titanium alloy, in order to prevent the human skin from directly contacting the bronze. The integrated movement design solves the appearance defects of the Panerai movement, and the integrated daily error adjustment control is within 5s ( the standard of Swiss watches is 15s). The strap is uses a burst cracked calfskin strap, which the visual effect is very good.

the work of the bezel

Unpacking the back cover to see the details, even the inner test is not sloppy.

Look at the movement disassembly,

Parts dismantling, guarding bridge and crown are also treated to perfection.

The dial is disassembled, the scale and luminous fill full, the craft is perfect, the overall scale is very solid, and the calendar font is perfect. The polishing of the hand is also very beautiful.

The case is disassembled, the wire drawing process of the bronze shell is consistent with the original, and the scale of the outer ring is also upgraded.

The straps and clasps have been perfect in the previous ZF factory versions, and the VS factory can only be better.


The luminous effect

To sum up: When it comes to the bronze replica watches, both in the fake watch and replica watch, it is a big breakthrough. As the primary metal in ancient China, many people can hardly imagine that this material can be used on today’s fake watches. The bronze and steel are not the same, the bronze can be wore for 100years, but the steel maybe can only wear for 10 years. The most important thing is the special nature of bronze, making each 382 unique, as if it  is telling different stories.

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