What movement does the replica watch use? How many do you know about these eight movement?

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The important of the movement to a replica watch can be said to be self-evident. It is both the heart of the watch and the ultimate craftsmanship of watchmaking. In recent years, people have gradually developed from appreciating the appearance of watches to paying attention to the watches’s movement.

What movement does replica watch use? Many friends are eager to know, now we are talking about this together. Most of the replica watches are made with original models, so the appearance can be confusing, but the movement is not easy to imitate. There are many reasons for this, such as the brand self-produced movement and the other is the cost problem. A Rolex original movement market price is easily over 10000 yuan, the imitation is made at this price that many friends are also unbearable. Even for a relatively cheap ETA movement, the minimum machine cost without grinding is nearly a thousand yuan. Therefore, those merchants who casually say they have their own Swiss movement, original movement and the ETA movement, please do not believe.

When it comes to here, many friends would like to ask whether the domestic movement is good or not? And what is the different between the domestic movement and the Swiss ETA movement? In fact, like most imported products and domestic products, they have been used in the past few year. Many domestic movement test data will even kill the Swiss movement. But after a few years, the stability of the domestic movement will be significantly worse than the Swiss movement. This period is generally 3-5 years or more depending on personal use. So if you considering wearing a few years to play , in fact, domestic watch can be satisfied.

Here we talk about several movements commonly used in the replica watch.

Seagull 2824 movement

The basic design of the three-hand plus calendar can satisfy many models. The fancy function makes this movement surprisingly stable. Many replica watches are equipped with this movement, such as N factory 1948, GF Breitling Blackbird, V6 Blue balloons, etc.


Domestic 2836 movement

This is not called seagull 2836 because there are not only seagull, but also Hangzhou 2836. Hangzhou watch is also highly sought after in the market with its high cost performance and stability. To be fair, seagull 2836 is a litter stronger than the Hangzhou 2836, only a little bit, the cost difference is dozens of yuan. Therefore, in most case, it is called domestic 2836. The N factory Submariner, JF factory  Longines double calendar, ZF factory Blancpain FIFTY FATHOMS are made of domestic 2836 movement.

Seagull 2892 movement

This movement is actually the derivation of the above two movement, the overall performance is no different from the above two movements. The advantage of the seagull 2892 movement is thin. Many ultra-thin dresses are equipped with this movement. Another feature is the sound is very crisp when it is working, which is similar to the ETA2892. The MK factory’s IWC PORTOFINO FAMILY, IWC mark 18, Longines master single calendar are using this movement.

Domestic 7750 movement

The reason why it is called the domestic 7750 is because it is divided into Shanghai 7750 and Dandong 7750. More than 95% replica watch are adopted or changed on the basis of the domestic 7750. It has many function, and the repair rate is also higher than the three-hand. Many people feel unstable when they hear it. The stability of the multi-function watch is also worse than the three-hand. But it can resist the problem which is shows that the domestic 7750 still has enough strength. The Rolex Daytona, JF Audemars Piguet, JF Longines eight-hand are all using this movement.


Seagull 6497 manual winding movement

The manual winding watch can achieve the true degree without much grinding. The Panerai 111/005 of the N factory uses this movement.

Self-produced movement

Some models cannot use the general movement mentioned above due to the structure and appearance. Therefore, the big factory and the movement factory cooperate to develop the self-produced movement to meet this vacancy. ZF factory IWC7, VS factory Panerai, N factory Daytona custom movement are uses this movement. Now the self-produced movement has gradually formed a trend, I believe that more and more factories will use the self-produced movement in the near future.

CITIZEN 82S7 movement

This movement is a slow pendulum movement with good stability, and the seven popular fridays are uses this movement on the market.

Japan CITIZEN 9015 movement ( Miyota9015)

Japan imported movement, its appearance hit the market share of seagull movement. The advantage of the Japan CITIZEN 9015 movement is that it is not only stable, but also very thin. Many factories uses 9015 plus a deck to make a movement which is not too thick. Because the 9015 movement is a single-winding, there is also a disadvantage that the automatic gyro sound is relatively large, but with so many advantages, most of the friends can still accept this problem. JF Audemars Piguet three-hand models, VF Jaeger-moon phase, MK factory Patek Philippe Nautilus are using this movement.

I want to explain the 9015 movement in detail.

I often receive some questions from fans: “Which Citizen Miyota9015 is the most commonly used movement for high imitation watches. ” The simple answer is because it is thin and stable, which is the movement that is favored by the watch industry. However, many of the table friends still don’t understand much. I will tell you about this movement in detail.

Miyota (full name Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd.) is a blank movement manufacturer under the Citizen Watch of Japan. It is one of the world’s largest blank clock manufacturers, established in 1959.  Among them, the 9015 movement is a relatively moderate product of MIYOTA. Some domestic high-end watches use this movement. From its published performance data, 9015 is quite close to the Swiss-made movement, but there has so much difference in price.

The 9015 movement has a stop-second function. When a handle shaft is pulled out, the second hand will stop. When loading the hand, pull the shaft to the second position. Do not push the hand with the forceps after the hand is installed. This is the same as MIYOTA’s quartz movement.

The 9015 differs from the existing mechanical movements in the 82 series, the common components are few. The 82 series removes the seconds wheel from the center position and arranges the wheel planes without overlapping to achieve its beauty. It is suitable for a full-empty watch. The 9015 is very thin, the shape of each part is very delicate, and the fit is very tight. It is very suitable for the development of multi-hand or multi-function movement.

The movement basic data

specification: 11-1/2

movement diameter: Φ26.0mm

case size: Φ25.6mm

movement thickness: 3.9mm

Balance swing frequency: 28800 times/hour

The number of stones: 24

Winding direction: right rotation

Movement functional: Automatic and manual winding function,  hour, minute, second display function, Calendar window display function, stop-second function, Pendulum shaft anti-shock function

Technical Parameters

Time performance

Time accuracy: -5~30 seconds/day

Potential difference: less than 30 seconds/day

Continue walking: more than 42 hours

Note: The accuracy of the mechanical watch (day difference) is different from the quartz electronic watch. The clockwork has a maximum error of several tens of seconds in the process of mitigating, and the accuracy between the full tightening of the spring and the half-tightening of the spring is also different.

Measuring condition

Time accuracy: Measured within 10~60 minutes after fully tightening the spring

Potential difference: After fully tightening the spring, press the four position measurement accuracy as shown in the figure within 10~60 minutes.

1, the surface is up
2, 6 points up
3, 9 points up
4, 3 points up

Power storage: After the full spring is measured, if the large steel rotate 7.5 laps, the spring is full (rotate the shank 40 laps)

Upper strip structure: The upper direction is clockwise (observed from the back cover of the watch)

Method of operation:

After finishing the clockwork, follow the steps to adjust the pointer and calendar.

(1) Winding

When the arbor is in the A position, the manual winding is performed by rotating the shank. Rotate manually for 15-20 weeks until the second hand moves automatically.

(2) Adjust the calendar

When the arbor is turned to the B position, the shank is rotated to adjust the calendar. If the calendar adjustment is made between 2:00 pm, the next day’s calendar may not be changed.

(3) Adjustment time

Press the stem to the C position, turn the stem to adjust the time, and pay attention to correct the corresponding morning or afternoon

Accessory parts

Overall, I think the 9015 movement is not inferior to the low-end Swiss movement. After all, Citizen is also based on the development of its own movement since its establishment, and now it has more than 80 years of history.

The above is what we understand the status of the duplicate fake watch movement, import Swiss movement is very good, but the domestic movement is not bad.

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