How to properly maintain the replica watch?

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After buying a favorite replica watch, many friends don’t know how to maintain it during use. Over time, the traces of the years are very serious. I am here to give you a full introduction to the maintenance knowledge of the replica watch, so that your watch can maintain its charm for a long time. Please read patience and you will definitely gain something.

  1. It is best to place the desiccant in the place where the replica watch is placed, but avoid using chemicals such as mothballs and insecticides.
  2. Leather watches should avoid contact with water as much as possible to prevent the strap from becoming hard and stinky, which in turn leads to breakage.
  3. If the watch is abnormal, it should be sent to a special watch for checking immediately.
  4. The automatic watch must be wore for more than 8 hours per day is the amount of activity is sufficient.
  5. Different watches should be wore in different occasions. For sports, it is best to use sports watches with excellent waterproof and stock resistance.
  6. If there is a note indicating WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM on the cover, the degree of waterproof is limited to water spray or light rain without pressure.
  7. Special reminder that any watch should mot be wore in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is waterproof, because the seal of the watch is rubber, it is easy to age due to temperature, and the water vapor molecules around it are small, it is easy to penetrate into the case and causing damage to internal machinery.
  8. Since the internal mechanical structure of each replica watch is different, the error of the mechanical or automatic watch is within 30 seconds per day under normal use conditions, and the error of the quartz watch is relatively low.

Stainless steel strap maintenance

Perhaps it is a technical level relationship. For the whole watch, the watchband gets less attention than the movement, but in fact it is the most important part of the watch.

The strap can be easily divided into steel belt and belt. The steel belt is the first choice for many fans because of its durability and unique metallic luster. However, if it is not properly maintained, the steel belt will greatly deduct your appearance.

What if the watch have a scratch? In the bright light,it shows a moving look. However, because of this proud quality, as long as there is a trace of scratch on the strap, the whole watch will be eclipsed.

What if the watch have a scratch? You can go to the watch shop to buy “K gold wipe table cloth” (or magic cloth) to wipe it yourself, if the scratch is not deep, you can remove it, or wait for the maintenance to be cleaned by the maintenance master once.

steel Belt Watch worn for a long time, hoarding in the joints or with the surface of sweat and dirt mix of mud will emit evil smell. When this happens, use a soft toothbrush with a little toothpaste or detergent to gently brush the strap and seams, then rinse with water, wipe with a lint-free cloth and blow the strap dry with a hair dryer.

In the process of cleaning up, no matter how careful, there will still be water seepage. If the watch body is filled with water because of cleaning the strap, it will not be worth the loss. Or leave the watch to the maintenance personnel for repair.

If the metal strap is wet (water, sweat, etc.) and is not treated, it will rust easily. Metal rust or dirt is likely to smear out of the seams and even cause skin irritation. Therefore, after removing the table or washing with water, remember to dry the seams with a cloth and put on.

In addition, the diving can be rinsed with water. It is easy to cause damage by using chemicals.

The leather strap maintainance

The leather strap not only looks elegant and stylish, but also feels warm and comfortable when worn in cold winters.

The meticulous and elegant leather strap has always been welcomed by many watch fans. As far as the overall appearance is concerned, in addition to the watch itself has to be long, the matching strap will make the wearer look more temperament, but the occurrence of the odor of the strap is the biggest problem for the belt wearer.

When the strap produces an odor, use a toothbrush to apply some soapy water, quickly scrub the dirt, and wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

In order to prevent soapy water from penetrating into the cortex, the whole process is best completed in 20 seconds.

In addition, consumers can also apply some leather oil on the strap. The leather oil has a protective effect on the replica watch, which can make the maintenance work more complete.

The belt belt is hard and the leather strap is worn for a long time. In addition to the odor, “hardening” is also a common symptom.

If the strap is often in a humid environment, it will accelerate its hardening speed. The sweat will also erode the cortex, causing the strap to deform, harden or even break, inexplicably causing the watch to be lost or broken.

Therefore, in addition to the usual maintenance, it is absolutely necessary to not bend it when the strap is hardened, and to change the strap at the right time.


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