AR factory replica Rolex dayjust 116234 fake watch

Rolex weekly calendar watch has always been the first choice for important people in the world. From the unique ring “triangle pit” to the metal band the presidential staff has a distinctive design style. In the middle of the last century, before the quartz watch came along, people with calendars, there is an urgent need for a weekly functional watch, and this series has truly become “the king of daily watches” and “the king of double calendar” reputation. Today, this classic series has become the classic watch style of many people around the world. Today we will brings you the details of this AR factory rolex dayjust type 116234 wrist replica watch.

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When it comes to AR factories, many watch fans may be familiar with this.Rolex ditona, which came out a while ago, can be said to make the AR factory famous in one fell swoop. It has become a big factory comparable to N factory and JF factory. The latest rolex periscope series, which many people are familiar with. Its quality control is also quite good. It can be seen that the rolex series of AR factory is comparable to other large factories. Rolex dayjust type 116234 of AR factory. On the basis of the original mold opening, AR factory strives for perfection and strives for perfect reengraving!

Rolex has formed the most unique attraction of the brand with its classic aesthetic elements and functions. Each watch still retains its classic connotation after years of baptism. Dayjust watch is a very high recognition rate wrist watch. Rolex log type 116234 of AR factory is a round case with a diameter of 36mm. the sapphire crystal glass lens is equipped with the calendar window that enlarges 2.5 times the original size. Both men and women can wear it differently.

Rolex log type 116234 of AR factory has tightened the bottom cover of triangle groove with special tools exclusive to the brand. Make the case sealed and waterproof. The upper chain crown is equipped with rolex’s patented double-lock waterproof system, which is firmly fastened to the case. Mirror sapphire crystal glass manufacturing, not easy to scratch. A small window convex lens is added at 3 o ‘clock to facilitate calendar reading.

The thickness of the side is the same as that of the original. The spiral crown is adopted. The waterproof effect is especially good.

Rolex dayjust type 116234 of AR factory is relatively light and thin on the side, not heavy and comfortable to wear.

Rolex dayjust type 116234 of AR factory adopts rolex’s consistent design of dense bottom. It is equipped with fake mechanical movement 3135.

AR factory, together with genuine packaging materials, redefines rolex dayjust of the highest quality.

Summary:It is also reasonable to believe that many friends believe that the first replica watch in life should be a formal watch. AR factory rolex dayjust type 116234 perfectly meets all the requirements of formal installation. It has a moderate dial and a bright silver scale on the blue dial, making the wristwatch easier to recognize and read. Also won’t appear too high profile make public. Its low-key costly exterior can make the wearer charm multiply surely.

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