Nine cold knowledge about the replica watch, how much do you know?

Nowadays, even if the mobile phone is popular, it does not let the watch withdraw from the historical stage. It still has its own unique charm and become the darling of many people. The watch’s history is not long, because it is only a drop in the ocean compared to the human’s history. But it is not short, because it is much longer than the age of the longest-lived person. Today we introduce nine cold knowledge about the replica watch, let us know about it.


Compared to the well-known tourbillon, perhaps only experienced players have an understanding to the Karrusel. After all, Karrusel is really unpopular and minority. In fact, Karrusel is not only very similar to the tourbillon, but also their relationship is very close. In 1795, Breguet invented the tourbillon, but because the tourbillon is diffcult to make and the high price, only a few hundred were made in the past two centuries.

In order to solve this problem, in 1892, watchmaker Bahne Bonniksen simplified the tourbillom’s rotary escapement and get the patented. Meanwhile, he named the device Karrusel, meaning carrousel” rotation” in English. Unfortunately, the goal of a simpler process and cheaper price for the tourbillon was not achieved, so the Karrusel disappeared. A few years ago, Blancpain regained this craft and launched a number of Karrusel watches. Although it attracted some attention, but Karrusel is still not “fire”.

Sesame chain

Compared with the very unpopular Karrusel, the fate of the sesame chain is slightly better. Today, we can also see the application of the sesame chain in some high-end works such as Breguet, Lange, and Zenith. But because the sesame chain is very complicated to make, it is a very gorgeous device, so the price is high and the output is small. It is a function that only a few players can play.

For example, the Breguet watch 7047 with a sesame chain has a public price about 1.38 million yuan, and almost the same replica watch 7047 with no sesame chain is only need 200000 yuan. So what is the sesame chain? What is it used for? The principle of the sesame chain is the same as the bicycle chain, and it looks like a miniature version of the bicycle chain. It looks like a grain of sesame seeds strung together, so it is called the sesame chain.

Sesame chain is a system, structure, or device similar to a sesame string that is invented in order to solve the problem of time inaccurate occurred by the difference in the output torque of the clockwork. However, from today’s point of view, the current sesame chain is more crowning touch,showing strength, and has little practicality.

Pearl Rotor

There are many beautiful names in the parts of the watch. The pearl rotor is one of them. It exists in the watch’s movement with a small and exquisite, pearl-shaped fan posture. Pearl rotor solves the problem that the traditional automatic rotor is too thick and the area of the shielding movement is too large, which makes the watch slimmer and makes the movement more perfect. However, due to the thin volume of the pearl rotor, the impact of the hand swing or the gravity of the earth is naturally small, and the running ability will be relatively inferior. Therefore, there are not many brands of watches using the pearl. Chopard, PIAGET, Patek Philippe are prefer to the pearl rotor. In addition, because of the popularity of the large dial, the long power is very popular, the heavy movement regained its momentum, and the pearl rotor became unpopular.

German Silver

A friend who likes a German watch may heard of German silver. It may be mistaken for a German-only silver. But in fact, German silver is not silver and does not even contain silver. It is an “alloy of copper, zinc, nickel” that only work slowly when exposed to oxygen in the air. At the same time, the surface of the alloy will be covered with a layer of beautiful gold rust over time to avoid further oxidation, so it can not be electroplated. The surface of German silver can be untreated. The most typical brand is Lange, which uses untreated German silver. The original Glashütte, which is also a German fake watch, is a rhodium-plated German silver, which is better in hardness, but the untreated German silver is more beautiful in color.

the “steel” of the stainless steel watch

For many people, steel watches are not only strong but also cheaper, which is the first choice for many people to buy watches. So what is the “steel” in the stainless steel watch? Someone may answer “stainless steel”,and someone may answer”fine steel”. But actually, the steel here is generally referred to 316 stainless steel. Someone will say that there is something unpopular. I certainly know that Rolex uses 904 stainless steel. So do you know the benefits of these two steels, why is 316 stainless steel more popular? 316 stainless steel is a common austenitic stainless steel. which has strong corrosion resistance and very good texture. It will not affect the human skin. 904 stainless steel is a super-heat-resistant stainless steel alloy containing chromium, nickel,etc. Its corrosion resistance is almost comparable to that of precious metal materials, and the manufacturing cost is much higher than that of 316 stainless steel. So only Rolex is fully used.

Sapphire crystal glass

Among the various glass materials, the most popular in modern times is the Sapphire crystal glass. This name is actually very strange, but people who often tough the watch are used to it. Many people know that the sapphire is actually a synthetic sapphire glass. It also knows that it is more expensive than the ordinary glass, but many people may not know why the sapphire crystal is expensive. It’s expensive, the reason is not in the raw materials, but in the process. In the early days, it was fired at the same temperature as glass. The newer way is to let it grow with the form of growth. It is called”long crystal”. The sapphire crystal rod that grows is then cut and ground to become the glass on the watch. In addition, you may not know that the clock is the most life-like application of “sapphire crystal”, other products are rarely used. Because of its high hardness, the processing cost is greatly increased. It is necessary to grind a special shape or add a smoke film. If the production volume is not large, all the costs are added all the time, so it is expensive.

Early woman are watch customers

For now, the watch is mostly a man’s plaything. For our readers, the ratio of men to women is also 4:1, obviously the quantity of the man is more than women. Many watch brands tend to spend more energy on men’s watches.  But in fact, in history, there are occasional watches that can be wore on the wrist, and the women are watch customers. The birth of the watch can be traced back to an oval bracelet created by Breguet in the early 19th century for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Jura, and a square watch made by Patek Philippe in 1868 for the Countess of Hungary, Koscowicz.

It can be said that the demand of women has prompted the emergence of this category of watches. Therefore, many watchmakers initially launched watch products, mainly for the female market. Watchmaking is often used for delicate decorations and not as accurate and solid products. For men, it was not until the end of World War II that fake watches were truly widely accepted, and before then, the mainstream timepieces wore by men is pocket watches.

In most ads, watch show 10:10 o’clock

If you look closely, you will find that most of the ads in the watch display time is 10:10, and we can also find the official picture of the watch, the time display is basically the same. There are many kinds of guesses, and has two main arguments. The first reason is that 10:10 is a positive “V” type, and it is a symbol of victory in the west and can better be recognized by others. The second reason is that the two hands are raised upwards, and they are like two wings, giving a positive, good, upward feeling, and it is pleasing to the aesthetics of symmetry.

Most Roman numerals on the dial are IIII instead of IV

Most Roman numerals on the dial are IIII instead of IV. There are still no clear explanations for the reasons for this practice, but there are several reliable arguments, mainly the following: IV and VI are easily confused on the dial, IIII is easier to identify, and there are fewer people who have previously literate. It is more traditional to use IIII, IV to replace IIII to represent 4. After the demise of the western roman empire, the early use of IIII was more appropriate, and the craftsmen used it. IIII and VIII look symmetrical and more aesthetic.

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