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The Swiss Cartier Ballon Bleu has always been a big hit on the replica watch, and the recent update of the V6 factory has once again pushed it to the peak. I didn’t do the evaluation of the ballon bleu in the first time. I think it need to take a long time for the watch like the ballon bleu to get the prepared answer. We will wait and see how about the version of the ballon bleu.

The color of the hand very beautiful, there is a color change effect. The baked blue hand, which its color change can be seen at different angles. When I studied the 7-point Cartier font, I found an interesting thing that even the font position at the 7 o’clock position of the original is different.

“Fish eye bubble” sapphire glass, this is the most critical point, it can be sure that the ballon bleu without fish eye bubbles must not be the V6 factory. The so-called “fish eye bubble” is a number of circular arc that can be seen from the side of the glass. What I need to say is that the 33 mm female ballon bleu of the V6 factory does not have the effect of “fish eye bubble”.

We can see the glass and the watch head is fully reach the interchangeable level. The buckle has the same lettering as the original, without any problems. The entire strap is made of 316 stainless steel, and it is the same as the original, is very flawless. Contrast the head: the sapphire crown is a special feature of the ballon bleu. These replica watch are as delicate as the original one. The crown is almost the same from the view of the side. From the side we can see the situation of the glass, there is almost no difference in appearance. Returning to the key blue spinel, which is inlaid in it and the V6 version has a rounded texture. If the light is not transparent and flat, it may be the plastic secondary version glued on the base.

The original is used the crocodile skin, the V6 factory is equipped with Italian calfskin. If you are looking for high quality crocodile skin, you can also customize the same strap. The butterfly buckle, the connection place is a bit rough. We have said before that the common problem on the top replica watch is that compare with  the genuine’strap, there has a many difference in texture and details. Now we have verified it again.

To talk about a question that deserves our consideration, why do we buy a replica watch? The one of the most important reasons is the price, or believe that everyone will go to the counter to buy the original. Therefore, while the watch has almost same work, we must calculate the cost of the watch. As a seller, you must control the cost while choosing a watch.

Next, let’s look at the back, the lettering is clear, the depth is also good, and it is consistent with the original, also has a strong three-dimensional sense. The screws and the other letters on the back cover are restored in place.

Overall, the scale of the V6 factory ballon bleu bottom cover is consistent with the original. If the lettering on the bottom cover of the Ballon Bleu you got is very shallow, the font is blurred, and the lettering on the lower parts is obviously on the side, it must not be a V6 Ballon Bleu.

To sum up: Overall, this replica watch has a high degree of reduction, although there are subtle differences in details between the original and the replica that are not easily observed under the naked eye. However, the advantage of this replica watch is that the focus areas that people tend to pay attention to are all restored in place, and capturing the focus of restoration, so there has such a high degree effect. It is more refined in some special parts, so it is worth buying this replica watch.

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