The secret of the real replica watch

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Preface: Nowadays , the fake products are endless. There are Adi Nike in Putian and Gongguan, and LV bags in Foshan. It seems that the fake things are always cheap and has low quality in the eyes of the Chinese people. But I want to say is that this can only represent the rough products processed by the no technical content Chinese textile industry at low production costs, claiming that the raw materials are the same as the original one.

But from the view of the watch, the same material does not represent the same quality. China’s FIYTA and Swiss’s Patek Philippe use the same 316 stainless steel. Can this be equal? Compared with the fakes such as fake shoes, fake bags, there is still a kind of super imitation goods called replica watch in china, which can not be accurately described by high imitation. Foreigners call them rep watch, rep is the abbreviation of replica, meaning the replica. It can be seen that foreigners have not used the high imitation to describe this commodity. It is not the unskilled fake products such as the fake shoes, fake bags can be compared with. Well, where is this commodity produced and how is it produced? let us go ahead!

The watch logo appears on the case, dial, buckle. First, the sponsor should find the formal replica watch parts manufacturer to provide the blank parts without logo, and then marked the logo by the small workshop. This technical requirements are not high, and disk printing and metal lettering are easy to find in Guangzhou.

The following picture shows some high imitation parts without a brand logo. The imitation is the Tudor Black bay.

Relying the these formal watch manufacturers’ technology, the production of high-imitation parts is very fast, faster than the domestic state-owned brands, and even faster than some Swiss brands. Especially the change of the case’s material, from stainless steel, titanium alloy, to bronze, even ceramic, carbon fiber, all of these can produce.

replica Panerai PAM 382 fake watch, using a bronze case.

replica ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 15706

Tudor with titanium

2015 SIHH Panerai is launched the new arrival PAM604, is hand-carved by Italian sculptors, limited to 99, is very beautiful. Then, the ZF factory and KW factory in Guangzhou have been opened for production.

The fake watch’s parts are easy to process, such as watch case, strap and dial, etc. But where does the movement come from? At present, the high imitation watch’s movements are come from domestic movement manufactures, such as Seagull, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Dandong, Pearl etc. The most important one is Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. The seagull ST 18,which is a replica of the Swiss ETA 1298 movement. The seagull ST 21 is a replica of the ETA 2824, and the seagull ST 3600 is a replica of ETA 6497. These three movements account for most of the high-profile movement. Like the parts suppliers mentioned above, seagull watches will never give high imitation sponsors a movement with logo. The replica watch sponsor needs to find the manufacturer to make a second modification and assembly after buying the movement. The picture below shows the blank version of the seagull 2824 movement. Note that there are no markings on the movement.

Longines, Mido, Tissot, IWC, Cartier are all with ETA as the basic movement. The replica watch manufacturer bought the blank version of the seagull movement and will make the following modifications. The movement will be polished and the brand logo will be added.

Automatic rotor removed from the movement

Put the authentic movement automatic rotor into the scanner and input the data to the computer.

The finished product

After the engraving, some automatic rotor will polish the Geneva pattern

It is worth that it was impossible to produce Geneva patterns in domestic. Many friends judged the watch’s true or fake by observing the movement whether it has a complete and fine Geneva pattern. Later, I found that the country has already broken this difficult situation. They can already polish the same Geneva pattern as the original. So it can’t be judged by observing the Geneva pattern.

The movement used in the high imitation watch mentioned above is still based on the movement of the regular watch factory for the second modification, and it is still relatively primitive. Domeatic high imitation watch manufacturers even completely imitate the movement of foreign brands to produce their own. The representative is the Rolex 3135.

The above photo is the authentic Rolex 3135 movement. The following is the imitation 3135 movement was produced by the high imitation manufacturer.

As the replica watch will be updated and improved, the gear color has been corrected to the same authentic red.

Here are a few high imitation watches for everyone to see how fascinating the high imitation watch is. The true and fake contrast map of Tudor and Pelagos, one is the real watch and another is the replica watch, and the high imitation watch is also made of titanium metal material.

Rolex yacht is also a true and a fake.


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