N factory V7 version rolex green water ghost 116610LV contrast authentic

As the most classic diving representative of rolex family, green water ghost has maintained a very high level of popularity since its launch. Also in the real world, the green water ghost is a super-preserving watch. As for rolex’s evaluation, previous articles have often introduced the V7 version of this N factory, N factory to do the top – level imitation watch has been done for almost a decade, strong strength. as the largest and oldest manufacturer of imitation watches, the quality of their watches is also recognized as the best. the main brands of N factory include  Audemars Pigeut、Rolex、Panerai、Breitling、Omega, these five brands stand out in the reengraving world.rolex V7 is mainly modified by the color and texture of the outer ring. V7 has been a myth since it came out of the market.


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GEN for authenticity, V7 and REP for reproduction

Overall contrast: the emerald green dial is a cool color for most people. After numerous modifications, the color of the dial has reached the same color as the original. Ceramic material scale progressive rotary outer ring, the inner ring of the dial is engraved with rolex’s anti-counterfeiting LOGO, sapphire glass mirror,316L fine steel case and watch chain texture!


In the case of reflection, the light reflected from the glass and the effect of the protruding mirror at the position of 3 points, the function of magnifying the calendar is very conscientious to say, great!

What you see is the scale of the circular opening. The white filler before the big change greatly enhances the luminous ability of the night light.


Details determine the success or failure, details reflect big factory demeanor. In the version of 2016, N factory has modified the dental ring into a consistent vertical wire drawing treatment of the real product. Before this, it was ignored by many manufacturers.

The effects of different shooting angles are different. The position, size of the luminous beads are all the same with the real products, and they are exquisite.

The position of the night pearl at the position of 12 o ‘clock, the milky luminous material of the filling, the size of the small dot of the night pearl, and the position of the inverted triangle, are not small and impartial. The point position of the surface, and the inverted triangle, it should be seen here, the scale of the inner circle, the scale is very clear, the literal printing scale technology, I have to say that NOOB has made efforts!!

The deep contrast of head face, look at the outline line of watch case, this is a time to look at line, the woman looks at waist S model, the person of submersible also must look at waist line. Swivel into the watch handle, use rolex patent three-button lock, waterproof performance second kill many money. The size of the table, gear depth and the meter are all 1:1 reengraved logo.

The back cover, as well as the way of the watch chain to remove the wire grinding method, the LOGO design is just right, very natural play the charm of the metal watch. The stainless steel dense bottom ensures the anti-pressure property during the diving, the waterproof reaches the genuine standard, lets you easily dive, but will not affect the normal walking function. The tooth rings, size and scale of the back cover of factory N are all the same as the real ones.

Conclusion: rolex green water ghost in N factory has been improved in previous versions, and the workmanship of V7 version has been impeccable, and every appearance detail has been handled in place. At present, the machine core is labeled as the asia-pacific version of eta2836-2 machine core, and there is also a copy of cal.3135 machine core independently developed by N factory, commonly known as super 3135 machine core.

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