JF factory replica Rolex Gold Yacht-Master fake watch and the original, what’s the different between them?

We will introduce a new Yacht-Master 116621-78801 today, so let us take a look at what’s the different between the JF factory replica Rolex Gold Yacht-Master fake watch and the original

Model: 116621-78801

The modeling of this Rolex Yacht-Master watch is unique and outstanding. It is not only full of sports elements, but also noble and elegant, which is created by Rolex for the watch fans who love the sea sports. It has a 10 ATM water-resistant, and excellent face recognition. It can calmly handle whether you wear it to sailing or attend a variety of high-end occasions. In addition, a matte-finished two-way rotating outer ring is arranged, and the three-dimensional polished numbers and scales are used on the ring mouth, which is particularly delicate and outstanding. This design allows athletes to calculate time, such as calculating the time when the yacht pass the distance between the two buoys. This function gives this yacht replica watch a unique image.

The version of JF factory

Designed with a classic enamel case, including classic white hour markers, Mercedes clock hands and triangular pit bezels. It has 40 mm diameter case and any size wrist can control it. The chocolate dial is a feature of the watch. It enhances the recognition and the ornamental. It is elegant and charming. The watch is currently exclusively produced by the JF factory and is the only rose gold watch among the yacht-master series. The biggest novelty is that both the case and the strap are made of the Everose gold with 904 stainless steel. Rolex called this two-material “Rolesor”.

Case contrast

The height of the bezel scale is exactly the same as the original, using the same polishing technique as the original. Each scale is independently developed by JF, and all the details are consistent with the original.

The side comtrast

The chamfering curvature of the lug is matches with the original, and the polishing is delicate, reflecting the rigorous attitude of the JF factory in pursuit of details.

Crown contrast

All of them are uses the screw-in type three-lock waterproof replica watch. The gears are exquisite in workmanship, and the appearance is exactly the same as the original.

The back contrast

The bottom cover is the triangular pit pattern. The workmanship and details of the back cover are the same as the original. The original Rolex mechanical locking tool is used to achieve the same waterproof effect as the original. The original is equipped with the Cal.3135 mechanical movement, which is independently developed by Rolex. And the JF factory is uses the Cal.3135 automatic mechanical movement, which is modified by the seagull ETA2836 movement. The time is stable and accurate.

Chamfer constrast

The size and curvature of the JF version is matched with the original, and it has the same feeling as the original. It is the highest version in the current replica world.

Strap constrast

Oyster type three-link stainless steel strap. JF factory uses a breakthrough electroplating technology, the color of the rose gold matches the original. and it also coated with a corrosion-resistant coating. The manufacturers who supplying the bracelet materials have passed the salt spray test for more than 200 hours, which proves that this is best electroplated rose gold strap.

Luminous effect

A layer of luminous material with super luminous effect, the luminous color is the same as the water ghost.

The color of the cholocate dial is warm, and there is a radiation texture under the sun. The combination with the rose gold forms a good contrast, which is more conducive to read the time clearly. What’s more, the buckle is also equipped with a Rolex patented easy-adjustable chain link system, which can easily extend the strap by about 5 mm, giving the watchers a better wearing experience.

So after reading this article, do you know the different between the JF factory replica Rolex Gold Yacht-Master fake watch and the original?

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