ZF factory replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph fake watch

Today, we will bring you a real shot of the IWC Portuguese Chronograph watch. The IWC Portuguese series can be said to be the most shinning series in the IWC, and among them, the most famous is the replica Portuguese Chronograph fake watch and Portuguese 7 days watch.

Compared to the Portuguese 7 days watch, the replica Portuguese Chronograph fake watch has these two advantages: the one is thinner, and the two is cheaper. this is the reason why the most of the watch friends will choose the the Portuguese Chronograph watch instead of the Portuguese 7 days watch. The dial design is a common Portuguese Chronograph watch design. The 6 o’clock position is a normal small seconds disk design. The 12 o’clock position is a 30 minute counter disk. The chronograph second hand is the center slender hand. Like the normal hands, all are designed with blue steel hands, and it is very beautiful and fashionable.

ZF adopts the same sapphire glass as the original. Double-sided and anti-reflective convex sapphire glass, and see form the side, the glass coated blue film is transparent and bright. The production process of the disk is quite good, especially the color printing of the two small dials are very delicate. And there is no overlap and cross color, reflecting the ZF’s big factory style.

The white dial is matched with a sword-shaped blue steel hand, and the small dial with the upper and lower symmetry is dotted around it. The 40 mm is suitable for men who like the simple and temperament while has a little stylish. The hand is treated with baked blue steel, which matches the color of the scale number. The ZF is handled perfectly in the color, because it is too deep and too shallow to show the luster of the blue color. Below we can feel the charm of the blue steel hand from multiple angles.

The outer bezel of the back cover is polished, and the middle part is the drawing process. The English engraving and coding of the outer bezel is also done well. After magnifying the picture, the texture is still perfect.

This replica watch is made of the stainless steel, from the side, we can see the crown and 2 chronograph buttons. The button at 2 o’clock is the watch start/pause button, and the 4 o’clock button is the chronograph reset button. When pressed, the chronograph hand will return to the original position and wait for the next chronograph. The lug made of stainless steel and the case have a perfect curvature, which is a design to fit the wrist. From the picture we can also see the wire drawing treatment used in the case, it is really very beautiful.

The thickness is a major breakthrough of the ZF ultra-thin Portuguese Chronograph fake watch. The watch friends who bought the Portuguese Chronograph replica watch beforehand know that the old version is thinker than the original because of the movement limitation, which is a disadvantage of the Portuguese Chronograph watch. The ZF ultra-thin Portuguese Chronograph watch is uses the Dandong 7750 movement, and the improved thickness is consistent with the original. Its body is installed by three parts, bezel, middle case and bottom cover, rather than a single press installation of an old version.

The buckle uses the Portuguese series of classic folding buckle design, the IWC trademark font is neatly standardized, the wire drawing is delicate, the inside of the buckle is sandblasted lettering, and the high quality black slub-Textured leather belt.

To sum up: Through the above simple comparison, I believe that everyone knows about the high value Portuguese Chronograph replica watch of the ZF factory. As the best-selling style of the IWC Portuguese series, are you as defenseless as I am, and can’t wait to have it now?

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