Have you seen a Replica Rolex with a tattoo? Rolex 116400 sterling silver carved custom version!

Many watch friends are no strangers to the hand-carved custom of high-end watches, the most famous carving process in the world is the UK’s Kindler & Thorpe brand. Kindler & Thorpe is custom-made for new styles of luxury watches such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet, and each finished pattern is unique and distinctive. Today I want to introduce this Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400 sterling silver carved custom watch is the Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400, which is uses the luxurious Kindle & Thorpe carved style hand-finished. The whole replica watch is exquisite in craft and appearance. It can be said that it is a very good one among the carved watch.

This replica watch is made by GG. The dial’s diameter is 40 mm, and the head is made of pure silver, which can perfectly show the texture of the Kindler & Thorpe. The glass is made of real sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment, and the dial is made of Rolex MILGAUSS series classic dial. The second hand is the iconic lightning shape, and the 12-point scale on the dial is marked with the Rolex Crown logo, and the remaining scales are marked with studs.

The whole case is hand-crafted and exquisitely carved, and the delicate carved lines on the sterling silver case are exquisite and smooth. It use a very stable 2824 automatic mechanical movement to ensure the accurary of the watch’s travel time. The bottom cover is engraved with clear text information, for example, a clear watch brand model. The whole case is polished, which is reflects the beautiful craftsmanship of GG.

The strap and buckle are forged from 316 stainless steel and the surface is polished. The strap structure is the oyster diving structure. The clasp is the oyster three-fold buckle, which is carved with a clear brand information above it. This fake watch has a very beautiful version of the same style of Kindler & Thorpe, which has both the traditional and noble style of Rolex and the trendy design of cutting-edge fashion. Moreover, GG’s craft is quite excellent, but also has a favorable price, which also allows ordinary watch friends to have a private custom-made Rolex custom-made carved watch.

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