Where is the beauty of the replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph fake Watch in ZF factory. Please look at their work

The IWC watches are deeply rooted in hearts of the people. If they say that they like the Rolex, they will all know the ” Rolex submariner”, so the people who like the IWC watches will also know the “IWC Portuguese Chronograph”. According to the incomplete statistics of the watch house forum, the annual sales volume of “IWC Portugieser” and “IWC Portuguese Chronograph” of the official website of the country accounted for more than half of the sales of IWC. They are elegant and domineering, and their layout, hands, and scales are all exquisitely designed. Simply speaking, because it is really beautiful, so the sales are hot. As long as it is ” hot-selling”, there will be imitation, and the IWC Portuguese Chronograph has a long history in replica watch industry.

Showing the details:

In the beginning of 2016, IWC also made detailed changes in the watch case of the IWC Portuguese Chronograph, and changed the button position. At the same time, the standard ETA SA 7750 was no longer used, but the second position was modified. And remove the unnecessary accessories to make the case thinner, so that the thickness reaches about 12 mm. ( Remark: only the ZF’s IWC Portuguese Chronograph has achieved the same thickness as the original. It can be said that the thickness can be used to distinguish whether a fake watch is produced by ZF factory.)

Since 2014, the authentic IWC has gradually replaced the Portuguese, pilot and Portofino watches in to a blue-plated glass. The ultra-high-quality drawing process visible to the naked eye is actually derived from the high imitation of the Portuguese seven-day chain, which was the first generation of the non-cross-eye version of the Portuguese seven-day chain launched in May 2015. The watch case supply factory has improved the brushing technology of the watch several times. You can look at the photos. The drawing of the whole case is bright. (This kind of technology was first applied to the fine Omega Ocean Universe 1948 in the N factory.) It looks higher than any previous version of the replica table, and the maximum is restored.

You can even use the ruler amount, which is consistent with the original, and it is a complete straight line button.

The follow is the drawing part of the back cover, the polishing  of the outer ring screw position, the marking of the engraving and the code.

The timer button of the ZF factory has also been re-upgraded. The inside of the button is bolded, and the waterproof ring is added. In the previous version, the ZF V2 version of the Portuguese Chronograph is a button of the same size as the original. The original button has no waterproof ring inside, and the result is over time. The inside is oxidized and the button is dropped. In this version, such a phenomenon can be said to be 100% non-existent.

In the past, all the IWC Portuguese Chronograph were used in the original standard 6-bit counter-production of the domestically-made imitation ETAsa7750, so the thickness of the case can never exceed 2mm. This movement is equipped with a direct removal of the calendar system, date system, 9-bit 30-minute timer function, ETA 7750, thus achieving the purpose of making the movement thinner, breaking the last 2mm. At the same time, the top layer of the splint makes the same Geneva pattern as the Swiss replica watch.

The IWC Portuguese Chronograph using a single-sided coating, while the coating position is on the inside. With the development of the Pearl River Delta region, the current sapphire glass factory has spent a lot of money to purchase the Swiss patented coating technology, because this does not involve the logo, it can be said that the manufacturers can meet your needs no matter what you want to make.

The outside is etched and sandblasted, and the inside is laser engraved, which is consistent with the authentic workmanship. There is a waterproof ring with the same structure as the genuine one.

The following charts are the comparison between the original and replica.

There is almost no difference between the two watches on the front side. The proportion of all parts of the ZF factory is consistent with the original.

Let’s look at the details. Regardless of the CD pattern and depth of the small seconds, or the digital scale and the shape of the pointer, the ZF factory is basically the same as the original, and the details of the work are really vivid.

Compared with the coating, the side is reflected by the light, and the sapphire glass reflects the same effect as the original, because the ZF factory uses a double-sided high-transparent blue coating treatment.

Compared with the hands and scales, the Arabic numerals are round and flawless. The pointers are full and shiny, and the reflections are consistent with the original colors.

The thickness of the ZF factory is as thin as the original, and the side of the case is exquisitely crafted, and the difference between the two can not be distinguished.

Comparing the head and the timing button, it can be seen that the work of the three function keys is also good, the size is the same, the craft is exquisite, and the logo relief of the IWC on the head has a three-dimensional effect.

The movement uses the Dandong 7750 chronograph movement as the basis, removing the excess movement module to make it thinner, and the internal structure and the original movement are 80% similar.
The feel of the winding and the direction of the debugging pointer are 99% consistent with the original.

The buckle is also open to the analogy. At present, the button of this watch is the highest level of reproduction in the market. The touch of the switch is consistent with the original, the sound is crisp and the hand feels neat.

Observing from this angle, it is difficult to distinguish true and fake.Replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph Fake Watch in ZF factory, the quality is quiet good, and very similar to the original.

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