Replica Breguet Tradition fake watch with mechanical charm

When it comes to machinery, 80% of men will have an idea of understanding, exploring, and conquering. Men’s feelings for mechanical watches are like women’s feelings for bags, shoes and lipstick, like children’s feelings for toys and dolls. It is irresistible.

The birth and development of mechanical watches condensed the wisdom and sweat of countless generations and realized many amazing technologies. Although we all know that as a watch, its first priority is to give the wearer an accurate time, but the mechanical watch is often not as accurate as the quartz watch, but even so , men are obsessed with the unique charm of mechanical watches.

Breguet Tradition 7057 with mechanical charm, how is its charm?

The Breguet Tradition 7057 is actually a simple function watch. Although it seems that its dial is complicated ( strictly speaking, we are talking about the front of the movement instead of the dial). On the front of the replica watch , only the time is informed( just minute hand, hour hand, no second hand).  Breguet Tradition achieved two power reserve instructions. The first one is on the upper side of the dial ( used in daily) and the second is on the side of the back movement. To be honest, it has no real utility, except that it presents the most traditional classical way to display the energy reserve.

We can see that the bridge, the barrel, the transmission gear, the escapement and other movement parts of this watch are directly displayed on the dial. So that the mystery of precision mechanical operation is unreservedly presented. The clock box is clearly visible in the center of the watch. The 4-point azimuth wheel is full of vitality rhythm under the support of a well-balanced bridge. From 6 to 9 o’clock, the transmission wheel system rotates slowly and regularly. There has a power reserve display slot at 10 o’clock provides a 50-hour power reserve. Although the dial is small, but it is clear at a glance.

After comparing the details, it can be said that the similarity is 95%.

Due to the movement structure, there is a slight difference in the orientation and number of screws. I believe it will not affect it as a crystallization of the current technology. The time scale dial at 12 o’clock, the black with white scale, the feature of the Breguet’s hand. The hand at the 10 o’clock scale is the kinetic energy indicator. Although it is not up to 50 hours of energy storage, but it is expected to have about 36 hours of energy storage.

This is a replica of the original movement Cal.507, it can easily explain how the mechanical replica watches work.

The entire gear is in front of you and keeps turning. The center is the barrel/wheel, then the left center/second wheel, then passed to the third round below and the fourth round below (60 seconds one turn). Finally passed to the escape wheel on the right side, the pallet fork and the balance wheel. It’s also the most eye-catching part.

The back is also paint black. If you move the front time scale, you can also use it a front, because it is very similar. May be some friends who are familiar or see the original before will find the most prominent on the back is the lack of Breguet’s English logo as well as the Swiss.

To sum up: As a Breguet’s highly popular series replica, the Breguet Tradition combines Breguet’s unique style and new skills. The classical details of the design and the movement of the front exposed are fascinating to many watch friends. The overall appearance is like wearing an old pocket watch. The exquisite appearance also reveals the taste of the wearers.

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