Replica Omega Spectre 007 fake watch of the VS factory has entered the real movement era, the real Omega 8500 movement (integrated movement)

Omega Spectre 007 of the VS factory

I have to admit that the development of the watch industry has been really fast in recent years. I have to admire the people who have re-engraved the watch. More importantly, more and more watch styles have made a huge breakthrough. Today I want to introduce a watch to you—— Replica Omega Spectre 007 fake watch of the VS factory.

This replica watch is a popular style in the 007 series movies. and the original is limit to sale. In fact, in the past, the domestic manufacturers had many versions of this 007 fake watch, but the back movement was always lacking. But this time the VS factory opened a new era for us, known as “the real movement, the real integrate movement, no longer a fake splint”.

So what about the replica watch that VS launched this time? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Let us take a look at the front side. I have to say that this watch is really beautiful, the whole watch is clean and neat, and there is a sense of glory. The watch adopts the most basic big-hand design, and the VS factory version has the same function as the original version. The hour hand can be quickly adjusted and stop the second.

The unique “lollipop” second hand on the black dial is very eye-catching. The black polished ceramic bezel can be rotated in both directions, and the 12-hour scale is made of Liquidmetal alloy. It is very beautiful.

The case is made of 316 stainless steel to create a detailed polishing, which highlights the manufacturer’s intentions. Look at the crown, the nuanced gear teeth, and the Omega logo on the top, which is very convenient to operate.

This 007 movement is the biggest highlight.

Just now we also said that it is no longer a fake splint. This time it is an integrated movement of the VS factory. Every screw and gemstone on the revolutionary 8500 movement has a real function, no longer a simple ornament. Not only that, Omega 007’s movement balance position and size are the same as the original. And is equipped with a double barrel for two-way winding, the movement is very stable. (We will introduce this movement in detail below).

Look at the strap, the watch is matched with a steel strap and another NATO strap. The work of the 007 strap is very detailed, whether it is polished or lettering. The feeling of this NATO strap is almost the same as the original. This two straps can be replaced at will, with a different style.

After roughly reading it, lets’s take a look at the focus of this time. How does this integrated movement?

From simple case imitation to paying attention to the appearance of the movement, different manufacturers have evolved into a new history in different periods, just like human evolution, more and more powerful and better.

Let me tell you about the movements used by Omega in different periods, that is, the movement evolution of Omega replica watches. Let’s take the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean that everyone knows.

The first stage:

About 2011, the re-engraving industry still stayed in a simple case imitation, the movement is also directly naked, and some even not printed the logo.

It’s like this, it’s a bit awkward, but after all, it’s been something many years ago.

The second stage:

About 2012, some manufacturers think that the movement is so ugly like this. So the Citizen 8215 movement and fake splint was launched. At that time, it is a milestones for the Omega planet ocean or the replica industry. The similarity of the movement between the replica and original has been improved.

However, the problems still exist in this stage, and are also obvious. Such as:

  1. Because the frequency of the Citizen 8215 movement is low, when the second hand moves, it is obvious that the second hand is shaking.
  2. If the arm is shaking, the watch second will appear to stop seconds, or leap seconds.
  3. When adjusting the time, the second hand is still walking without stopping.
  4. The movement balance is obviously smaller than the original balance wheel, and the position is not right.
  5. The gems and screws on the fake splint are glued by the glue. After wearing for a few months, the parts are easy to fall and even damage the movement.

The third stage:

After the Citizen 8215 movement and fake splint sold for about five or six years , in 2018, another manufacturer launched two new movements, using Hangzhou 6770 movement and fake splint, another is the domestic 2836 movement and fake splint.

The Hangzhou 6770 movement and false splint is the new product that has just been launched on the market this year, which can avoid the problem of the previous Citizen 8215 movement shaking seconds, can not stop seconds. A normal movement and fake splint, so the function of the movement is still different from the original,and the hour hand cannot be adjusted quickly. At first, I thought it was a black balance wheel, but after stopping the movement, I found that the balance of the movement was still steel, and the balance wheel was also significantly smaller. Other problems are still similar to the Citizen version above.

This is also the product that has just been launched on the market this year. Because the market has done a good seamaster series, the ocean universe is vacant, so many manufacturers have done. This version of the domestic 2836 movement and fake splint, the movement is also a domestic ordinary movement, like the above Hangzhou movement, the function is not the same version, the hour hand can not be quickly adjusted. The balance wheel is still too small and the balance wheel is not in the right position.

the domestic 2836 movement

This version of the domestic 2836 movement and fake splint has two more points than the previous and fake splint version, that is, the color of the balance wheel is blacked out.  The new domestic movement is no problem, but the domestic movement can not afford to disassemble, even if it is a simple disassemble, the polarization and swing of the movement will change. The balance spring and balance of the movement are precisely calculated by the movement factory. The balance wheel is directly removed and sprayed black, and then loaded back. Despite the appearance of the black balance wheel, the precision and stability of the movement will be reduced.

  1. VS new 8500 movement, solves the shortcomings and problems in the previous version.
  2. The real integrated movement, no longer a fake splint. Every screw and gem seen on the VS movement has a real function, no longer the decorative plastic piece on the fake splint.
  3. The movement function is exactly the same as the original, the hour hand can be quickly adjusted.
  4. The position of the balance wheel, the size of the balance is exactly the same as the original
  5. Automatic gyro bi-directional winding, higher efficiency in winding, greatly avoiding the insufficiency of energy storage

As mentioned above, the appearance, the internal movement function, and the stability of the organic movement.  It has been completely epoch-making with the products such as the seamaster and planet ocean that were previously on the market.

The quality of the movement produced by VS factory is well done.

The replica watch players who have been in contact with VS Panerai know that VS is very demanding on the case and accessories, and it is very well done. And the movement that produced by VS is accuracy, the stability of the movement is also has a very good reputation. Moreover, the VS product is very cost-effective, and it costs the same price as the market version, and can buy the watch with the same function as the original product as well as the highest level of workmanship.

VS Omega will first launch the Seamaster 300 “Omega Spectre” 007 limited edition watch that everyone loves and pursues.

This unique watch will be sold in limited editions of 7,007 pieces in worldwide. The meaning of this figure is self-evident. The watch’s stainless steel case and black dial create a simple and smooth fashion look that is very attractive.

This watch features a two-way rotating diving bezel made of black polished ceramics and a 12-hour scale made of Liquidmetal alloy, making it easy to adjust the time display in any country in the world, is suitable for those who travel frequently.

Other features of the watch are also very eye-catching. The dial is decorated with a “lollipop” type central seconds hand, and the strap is made of a 5-striped black and gray Omega NATO NATO military strap, also known as the James Bond NATO strap, engraved with “007” Logo.

“NATO” belt is very important to the texture of this Omega Spectre watch

It is worth mentioning that this “NATO” belt is very important to the texture of this Omega Spectre watch. So VS also attaches great importance to this “NATO” belt, whether it is the material of the belt, steel parts, or buckle’s logo, every detail is done very well. And it’s not just a breakthrough in appearance. The feel of the belt is different from the version on the market. The “NATO” belt on the market looks like as the same as the original, but you will find many problems when you wearing it, and it feels rough and the feeling is bad.  The “NATO” belt’s feeling of VS is really  soft. If you get the real thing, you can feel it, that feeling is worth looking forward to.

The VS Omega Spectre has launched three versions to choose from:

  1. The version with “NATO” belt.
  2. The stainless steel version, it is recommended in summer, sweat and water are not afraid.
  3. Stainless steel and “NATO“ belt version, it is cost-effective, one watch with two styles and two feelings.

Another problem is that the version of the fake splint. In order for the automatic gyro to rotate normally, the shell and the bottom cover have to be made thicker than the original and VS versions. You can pay attention to it.

The faceplate of the watch is very important for the ability to reproduce the original taste.  The VS Omega Spectre constantly compares the original authenticity and perfects some shortcomings in the market version. For example, the depth of the dial’s luminous light.

Genuine pictures on foreign websites

VS Omega Spectre Real shot


This is the contrast of the dial’s luminous depth, the difference between the depths can be clearly seen by the naked eye.

Highly recommended VS factory OMEGA, first VS before the production of Panerai, regardless of workmanship or quality is top in the market. The market reputation is also very good. And the movement function has been completely consistent with the original, equivalent to the ultimate version. The price is also very grounded, similar to the version on the market. Enjoy the same function and texture as the original with the price of a regular movement.

Overall, the replica Omega Spectre 007 fake watch of the VS factory is really very powerful, you can call it  “super version”. It is another milestone after launching the Panerai.

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