Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean fake watch”Phelps” special edition of OM factory — Swimming classic

Omega seamaster series has always been the highlight of the brand, and it is also occupying an unusual position in the engraving world. Omega produced by OM has brought a wave of seamaster. Omega’s style first appeared in the engraving industry is the Omega butterfly fly of MK factory, or other manufacturer launched the seamaster before, but it is obviously not effective. This year’s replica watch has gradually matured, and the OM factory is also famous for its first battle.

The origin of Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Phelps” special edition

It has become a member in the replica industry. Its masterpiece is the seamaster series. The orange seamaster steel belt is very good, and the luminous effect is excellent. After that, the OM factory naturally began to study Omega, and a new product preview is also full of expectations.  Personally feel that the seamaster series is relatively rough, especially this limited edition of the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Michael Phelps”.

Omega has been the Olympic timekeeper for 27 times since 1932. In the water project only, from the touchpad to the backstroke ledge; from the lap to the jumper; from the virtual diving animation to the quantum water sports timer. Omega continues to develop cutting-edge and high-tech timing equipment and technology, constantly demonstrating the pioneering spirit of Omega’s breakthrough. Precision, durability and performance are the constant pursuit of Omega.

Omega released the new seamaster series of the planet ocean “Michael Phelps” limited edition replica watch

Since becoming the Omega brand celebrity ambassador in 2004, Phelps has become a fan of the Omega Seamaster series. This time, Omega released the new seamaster series of the planet ocean “Michael Phelps” limited edition watch. This is the birth of the Observatory watch to pay tribute to the legendary American swimming legend, Omega celebrity ambassador—— Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympic athlete of all time. He won 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which are Olympic gold medals. In order to pay tribute to the legendary swimming life of Phelps, Omega presents this blue-based waterproof sports watch.

In fact, the other color schemes of this watch have always been done by the OM factory, and the popularity in the market is still very high. This Phelps special color is also developed by OM. With the same foundation, of course, the workmanship is more reassuring. Let’s take a look at how OM works!

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean has 45 mm diameter, and the OM also feature a steel case with a ceramic ring, the glass is the sapphire glass. The use of materials can be said to have reached the extreme.

The most valuable thing is that the function of this watch is completely synchronized with the original.

The small dial on the left side is the second dial, the right side is the chronograph minute hand and the hour hand. Under this orange hand, there is also a chronograph hour hand.

The three buttons on the right side are: up(timer start/stop button), middle(screw head), and down(timer reset button). It is very important to note that when using it, you must first press the timer to stop the button and then press the reset button, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the movement.

The details of the seamaster series of the planet ocean “Michael Phelps” limited edition watch

Although the disk surface is very complicated, but the OM workmanship is very detailed. Omega logo is also a three-dimensional effect, the hand and the bar scale luminous fill evenly. And the disk lettering size and font are completely synchronized with the original.

The side is brushed, the two buttons are polished at the top, and the head has the same Omega logo.

On the left, this small head with the ”He“ letter is the discharge helium valve, which is used to remove helium from the casing and balance the pressure inside and outside the watch. In order to save costs, the OM version does not have actual functions. After all, few friends will wear this fake watch to dive.

The bottom cover is designed to be transparent. The OM version is used a replica movement form the original 9900 automatic mechanical movement. The appearance is finely polished. The movement’s gems are dyed and the color is bright. The balance color is black, which is the same as the original. And the bottom cover has the lettering “MICHAEL PHELPS”.

The strap is made of composite material, the outer is nylon, the inner side is natural rubber, the color echoes the dial ring. And the blue strap is matched with orange outer circumference and stitching.

To sum up: Since OM has developed other color schemes for this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, the overall Phelps special edition has been built on a very soild foundation. The color change and the simple printing on the back glass are not very difficult for the OM, in general it is very good!

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