Do you really know the replica watch and fake watch? It will be beneficial to watch it patiently.

The history of the watch

When it comes to the replica watches, you must think of a Swiss watch or a classic brand like Rolex.

Through its century-long development, western watches and clocks have achieved the advantages of making watches precise, exquisite and durable. One of the most representative works is to make the world crazy and praise unceasingly.

The imitation watch becomes a product that satisfies the market.

Through the production of the first watch, China’s watch industry is also recognized and supported.

The tens of thousands of sets of equipment imported from Switzerland were built into Shanghai watch factory, Beijing watch factory, Tianjin watch factory, etc. Seagull watch and Shanghai watch were also popular in China at that time.

However, many people have neglected a city—— Guangzhou.

With the policy advantage of approaching Hong Kong and opening up early. Guangzhou has gradually formed a distribution center that is one of the best in the world—— Guangzhou Station West Road Watch City. It is the place that carries the large watch processing and sales industry chain at home and abroad.

Under the gradual development of the watchmaking industry in Guangzhou. They are no longer limited to the shape of a single imitation Swiss watch, but even marking the Swiss watch logo.

The profit growth brought by import and export has brought a new turn to the mainland watchmaking industry. So more watch manufacturers are willing to serve these orders and produce the watch accessories they need.

Represented by NOOB, this people are so fascinated with the watch they will disassemble all parts including the movement. And they want to ensure the perfection from quality to detail to texture on any parts!

Opening a model is really need a lot of people’s efforts. It can’t be processed independently by a factory, but rely on the joint efforts of several factories with different accessories. In between, the most important thing is the promoter. The promoters must first predict the demand and acceptance of the market models, and then determine the styles of the watches that need to be copied. They will go directly to buy a second-hand genuine product and completely dismantle it. Send different accessories to different manufacturers, such as watch case manufacturers, watch chain manufacturers, dial manufacturers, glass manufacturers, movement modification manufacturers. Let them carry out 1:1 contrasting mold making, and finally the parts are shipped in batches and then concentrated, and then assembled by the assembly master. Finally, they are distributed to the whole world through the station west watch market.

What is the difference between the replica watch and the genuine product?

In modern times, in order to follow the technology of world-famous watches, the demand for luxury mechanical watches is increasing. In order to meet the various need of watch fans, more and more high-end watch imitation of various brands have emerged on the market. The price of the “replica” is basically around two or three thousand yuan, which makes us many new fans do not understand. Why the price is so different between the replica watch and the original? How about the replica watch’s quality?

The reason why the watches are expensive is may not the cost. The most valuable part of watches in China is tariffs, secondly is the profits of brand owners and the agents. Then the cost of public relations will raise the watch’s price. Another point is that the increase in selling price is much higher than the increase in cost. For example, if the movement is modified a little, the price will change greatly.

However, the principle of paying for a penny is the best embodiment here.

For the imitation watch, the emphasis is on the degree of simulation. For example, if the appearance simulation degree is less than 80%, I will tell you “a look at the fake”. if the appearance simulation degree is about 90% , “It is more like, you need to distinguish it carefully.” More than 95% of the simulation, I will tell you “may be professional can distinguish”.

If there is a genuine watch and a replica watch in front of you at this time, I tell you that the genuine is fake, the replica is true, you will believe it is true, because there are many flaws in the genuine watch, this is the mentality of the person. If you know that it is fake beforehand, you will go to desperately to find flaws. However, the re-engraving watch is now the same as the genuine one, even the parts can be replaced with genuine watches at any time. After all, the mold is made 1:1, even the material and texture are the same.

But on the contrary, if the fake watch you wear is not much different from your identity, few people will doubt that your watch is fake, unless your watch is too poor to work, and the appearance is too fake.
Such a table is not a suspicion of being a fake, but everyone can see that it is a fake. If you wear a watch that works very well, the appearance is highly perfect, and appropriate with your identity . I don’t think anyone would suspect that you wear a fake watch!

How to choose a fake watch?

Ordinary goods, because of its poor workmanship, poor movement, and the materials are not consistent with the genuine products. So the average person can also identify it as a fake, the probability of counterfeit identification is more than 80%.

Imitation goods, workmanship is much better than ordinary goods, the material is also roughly the same as the original, so the average person will not doubt that it is a fake, the probability of fake identification is more than 5%.

Top goods, workmanship is very good, according to the authentic 1:1 open touch, the material and the original are consistent with the genuine one, polished fine, so no one will suspect that it is a fake, Unless there is an expert level, the probability of counterfeit identification is less than 0.1%

1. Performance: For a normal watch, when turning the spring on the upper shaft, it feels looser first, and gradually becomes tighter and tighter. When it can no longer continue to rotate forward, the spring is completely tightened.

2. Check the appearance: we can check the appearance from the case, the watch glass, the dial, the hands and so on.

3. Hand: between the hands and the watch glass, between the three hands, between the hands and the dial, should maintain a certain gap, if they rub each other, it will affect the movement。

4. Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the watch refers to the early and late start of the balance wheel in the watch. The inspection method is to gently shake the replica watch without moving the spring, and observe the movement of the second hand by shaking the force;If the second hand stops moving in a short time, it means that the watch can be loosened after wounding the spring, and the sensitivity is relatively high;If the second hand continues to move for a long time, it means that the replica watch cannot be loose after the spring is wound, the sensitivity is not high, or the internal parts are faulty.

Teach you to debunk the scam of unscrupulous merchants.

Scam 1: it is a genuine one, say that it is the customs confiscating.

In fact, the friends who want to buy this kind of goods, they have a heart that wants to take advantage of it. If there is, then who will spend the big money to go to the counter to buy genuine. If you can find this channel. Why can’t others find it? So be sure to remember that it is a big loss to eat cheaply, to distinguish between right and wrong, to identify good and evil.

Scam 2 (emphasis): I am a factory, saying that I am a manufacturer.

Scam 3: Using the buyer’s heart, all the watches are the N factory’s watch.

Friends who know the replica watch, will know more or less N factory. N Factory has always been a mythical factory, relying on the five great artifacts to be famous all over the world. But that is history. Now with the development of the economy and technology, the top replica watch is not only the N factory to do! There are many factories. Such as: ZF, JF, XF, MKS, and many other large factories, and the level is also quite similar. Good faith businesses will generally be realistic. What factory production is what factory. And what kind of movement will say very clearly. When you come across the kind of Tissot or Longines watches that say N factory. Or the circle of friends directly said ETA movement. This kind of business generally recommends that you do not consider it.

So that’s all. Have you know about the different between the replica watch and the fake watch from this article? I hope everyone keeping cautious when buying watches.

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