FK factory Replica Omega Seamaster Chronograph Fake Watch!

The Omega Seamaster series has a variety of complex function chronograph watches, of which the 44 mm style is also loved and sought after by the watchers with its complex timing function and the iconic “three-eye shape” fashion panel design——Replica Omega Seamaster Chronograph Fake Watch. What’s more, the 44 mm dial is more suitable for tall men!

 Omega Seamaster Chronograph Watch!

Made by FK factory, the replica Omega seamaster chronograph fake watch have complex function and perfect detail.

The top version of the Omega Seamaster Series 44 mm Chronograph is launched by FK, which perfectly realizes all the complicated functions and material details of the original version. There are two colors of blue and black. The dial has a diameter of 44 mm. It has a singular chronograph outer ring that can rotate in one direction. The dial is the real sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare process. And it has the logo information such as brand logo at 12 o’clock . 3 o’clock setting time 30 minutes display small disk. 6 o’clock setting time 12 hours display small disc, including calendar display function. 9 o’clock setting second hand display small disc. In addition, all time scales on the disc surface are marked by round nails and filled with luminous light.

three adjust-time buttons

The bottom cover is engraved with text information such as brand patterns and models

The overall appearance of the watch is sporty and stylish.

The case is the 316 stainless steel, the watchmaker is polishing the case and the bezel, the lines are smooth and natural. 2 points to set the timing on/off button, 3 points for the replica watch head structure, 4 points to set the time stop button, 10 points to set the decorative diving watch professional exhaust valve. There has some text information such as brand patterns and models in the bottom cover. In a word, the overall appearance of the fake watch is sporty and stylish.

the buckle is marked with logo

the buckle is used 316 stainless steel

The strap and buckle are the 316 stainless steel, which is consistent with the case. The straps are the high-brightness polishing and strict drawing. The texture is very delicate.  the watchmaker is brushing the buckle and the and using the Omega’s classic folding buckle that it has very good wearing comfort and tightness.

Omega Seamaster Series 44 mm Chronograph fake watch is a diving style sports watch with complex functions and avant-grade fashion. Not only the variety of disc design and beautiful case shape make this replica watch very eye-catching, but also the FK’s exquisite workmanship and affordable price make all the friends have the ability to own it.

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