JF factory replica Audemars Piguet royal oak offshore fake watch 26400SO.OO.A002CA.01

Let me introduce to you the one of the most distinctive models of the Audemars Piguet Piguet AP royal oak series. Its features include: avant-garde safety case, octagonal bezel secured by eight hexagonal screws, visible waterproof gasket, engraved dial with “Grande Tapisserie large grid pattern”.

Literally white grid shape literal, 3 eyes design, somewhat similar to the national treasure giant panda, so this 26400 also called Audemars Piguet giant panda, the circle is made of black ceramic and 3 o ‘clock calendar window, and no difference from the real thing.

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This kind of wrist replica watch’s rim is made of ceramic material. There are 8 hexagon screws on the collar.

The second hand of this replica watch is in the position of 12 o ‘clock, the left side is the chronograph disc, the middle fixed point of the dial needle, for the flat button design, consistent with the genuine product.

The calendar of this fake watch is located at 3 o ‘clock of the watch. There is a magnifying glass on the calendar.this kind of wrist watch is made of high strength ceramic wire drawing, the fixed wire is 6 Angle screw, 316 fine steel quality, the direction of screw opening is consistent with the real product.

The back side is the transparent design, the genuine product adopts the 3126 machine movement independently developed by eppie, and is re-engraved into the Shanghai 7750 time machine movement, adding a set of deck, which plays the decorative role, and also has the effect of appearance and genuine product all the time! The center shaft of the automatic hammer has also been changed. The position of the core shock absorber is opposite to that of the original one. The position of the core shock absorber is at 7 o ‘clock.


The crown of the fake watch is designed as a spiral. The crown is made of ceramic particles.there is a button at 2 o ‘clock and 4 o ‘clock respectively. The function is to start and stop time, and the function of reset.

The fake watch strap is rubber band, the watch buckle is needle buckle, the watch buckle material is fine steel, the watch strap and the watch buckle work no difference.

Conclusion: the design of this panda is eye-catching. The black and white main color tones are matched with the appearance of Peter.

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