A member of replica Rolex fake watch—— Lightning Hand And Green Glass!

Any breakthrough or innovation in technology is another bold attempt by human to use mechanical watches against nature. For example, Rolex, it only gradually grow stronger in the slow progress of continuous improvement and continuous innovation. Let us take a look at the Rolex masterpieces produced by the N factory. The watch friends commonly call it “green glass”, and some people called “lightening hand”.

Let’s take a look at the picture firstly, and let friends feel more intuitive.

The 40 mm dial of the oyster case is just right.

oyster case

We don’t know what method the green sapphire glass is made of. In short, it is very unique and beautiful. Under the light, the green glass is slightly prominent and layered, and the surrounding green looks particularly conspicuous and distinctive.

green glass green glass

The scale is different from the past version but it is very unique instead of inflexible. It is bold and innovation with white luminous coating. And with 3.6.9 orange embellishment, combined with lightning second hand, the overall looks particularly good.

Under different angles of light, you can get a faint green from the dial.

The screw-in crown for better water resistance.

The screw-in crown

The buckle has a excellent workmanship and the brand logo is three-dimensional.

Two-color luminous light is overbearing.

luminous light

To sum up: This replica watch has so many attractive places, and the movement is almost impeccable from the exterior to the inside. “Green Glass” was hailed for a while in the face of the world, and it is still hot now. Many people’s minds are willing to buy this fake watch.

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