What is the replica diving watch? replica Green Rolex Submariner fake watch and Black Rolex Submariner, which should choose?

What is the replica diving watch?

First, we should give the diving watch a name. What is the “diving watch”, which is called diving watch or diver’s watch in English. The diving watch can use to assist diving. The world record of human natural diving depth is in the digital range of more than 100 meters, and the depth of diving is repeatedly refreshed by oxygen or mechanical energy. In memory, the director Cameron, whose deep diving device reached a depth of 3 to 4 kilometers under water. This expedition was assisted by Rolex, which is rich in diving watches. The Rolex Submariner with a deep dive ability of 3900 meters waterproof, so the watch that can be called the “deep sea submersible” in the article is at least more than a kilometer.

the diver

The replica diving watch should have a waterproof performance of at least 100 meters. It should have a corrosion-resistant strap, a rotating bezel, a screw-in anti-slip crown, and a luminous indicator. Of course, the professional diving watches with a waterproof capacity of more than 1000 meters will use the release helium function.  The basic functional configurations described constitute a “threshold” of a diving watch that meets classical and technical requirement. In addition, the reason why the diving watch can guarantee high waterproof performance is generally to make a modification about the structure and design of the case. The crown for adjusting the time information is generally a “channel” for the connection between the internal movement space and the external environment. Therefore, the screw-in anti-slip crown can use to significantly improve the waterproof performance.

Different diving watch form different brands

 Fifty Fathoms  Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain launched the first diving watch——Fifty Fathoms. And the water resistant is the 100 meters. (Fifty Fathoms is equal to 300 feet or about 91 meters, which is the maximum diving depth that divers can use at the time). The watch was made by Captain Bob Bob Maloubier, a secret agent who was a British During World War II and then became the leader of the French Army combat dive team. He asked Blancpain to make a black dial, large Arabic numerals, clear indications and a rotating bezel. “In fact, we want every mark to be clear as the shepherd’s guiding light”, Maloubier later recalls.

Rolex launches the Sea-Dweller, a deeper diving version of the submariner. Its unique feature us its helium valve, which can release helium from the diving chamber into the case. The manufactures producing the watch at the request of the French company COMEX (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertise), which specializes in deep sea diving equipment and services, mainly for offshore oil and gas exploration. The watch has 610 meters water resistant.

Omega Seamaster Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamater 300 meters diving watch 2018 is the 25th anniversary of the Omega Seamaster 300 meters fake watch. The popular Omega Seamaster 300 has been upgraded for the fourth time. This is a more comprehensive upgrade, from the inside to outside. The size of the watch has increased from 41 mm to 42 mm, the bezel has become a ceramic bezel, the time scale has changed to the enamel time scale, the calendar window has moved to the 6 o’clock position, and the helium valve has been changed to a conical shape. The internal movement became the 8800 series movement, certified by the Swiss Federal Metrology Institute (METAS) to the Observatory movement, resisting strong magnetic fields of up to 15000 Gauss.

The Green Rolex Submarine and the Black Rolex Submarine

When it comes to the diving fake watch, I believe that the most familiar to everyone is the Rolex Submarine—— the Submarine series. In recent years, the Submarine are all sell well. The Rolex Submarine has two hottest watches, one is Black Rolex Submarine and the other is Green Rolex Submarine. Which color is more popular?

Rolex is known for its excellent reliability. I believe many people have heard of its name. And more than 60% of the first high-end watches in most of our country will choose Rolex. Among the many Rolex, the famous “water ghost” is the top prop. The so-called “water ghost” first refers to Sea-Dweller , and Submariner without a drainage valve is also included in the category of “water ghost”. And nowadays, almost as long as “looks like it”, the majority of friends will call them “water ghosts”. Then I believe everyone knows that the hottest in the Submarine is the Black Rolex Submarine and the Green Rolex Submarine.

we will take it divided into several points

The first point we need to say is its values. Of course, this is also the easiest to understand! I believe everyone knows that things are rare! Green Rolex Submarine’s ceramic bezel is quite difficult to make. It is much less likely to succeed than the Black Rolex Submarine’s bezel. So its price will be higher than the price of the Black Rolex Submarine. And Rolex’s 904 stainless steel is the king of the steel, which is the most flaming material after Gold Rolex. 904 stainless steel is mainly used in equipment such as chemical reactors and seawater processors that are exposed to highly corrosive substances. So corrosion resistance is stronger than 316 stainless steel.

The reason for this difference is mainly in the elements that make up the alloy. 316 stainless steel and 904 stainless steel are actually similar. The main components are nickel, chromium and molybdenum, but the ratio is different. And 904 stainless steel also has a small amount of copper. So the corrosion resistance and wear resistance are stronger than 316 stainless steel, and the two are not much different in strength and hardness. Because 904 stainless steel has high metal purity. And it can highly polishing, so it can get more bright and beautiful after grinding. The cost of using 904L steel is relatively high. Because the forging of 904L is difficult and the production cost is greatly improved.

Green Rolex Submarine Black Rolex Submarine

The second is its popularity. The Black Rolex Submarine’s color is not bright as the replica Green Rolex Submarine fake watch, and the recognition is high. And it can recognize 10 meters away. This is very popular among young people. This arouse the attention and favor of the majority of watch enthusiasts as soon as the Green Rolex Submarine came out.

The third is its movement.

Green Rolex Submarine carries the 3135 movement. Rolex’s 3135 movement is the king of the movement. It is stable, precise and durable. It was launched in 1988 and has been more than 30 years old. But it is still the king among the automatic movement as well as the basic movement of Rolex. Many Rolex’s mainstream models use the 3135 movement, like Datejust, Yacht-Master 40 and Submarine Date. About these two watches, different people have different opinion. Anyway, it just depends on your favor.  And under such a out of stock situation, the replica Rolex Submarine has naturally become one of the popular artifacts that everyone loves. I believe that many people heard of the Rolex Submarine of N factory. The workmanship and the degree of restoration are very good.

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